Sunday, 12 May 2013

MCD OFFICER Misguideing public and senour officer for there own benefit and not allowing Floor wise sanction which as been upheald by Supreme court High court and even After Direction of L.G Delhi

On Floor wise building plan Sanction as per order of,Hon’Ble L.G at meeting Held Dt.26/11/2012  Facts , Notice/, NOT OBEYING THE Hon’Ble L.G Delhi , Hon’ble Supreme court and Delhi High court Order’s not being Adhered by MCD SOUTH AND NORTH S.E: Misrepresentation facts , misguiding High office , Cheating public , Criminal conspiracy by Officer of town hall MCD North And South Below S.E ,  Contempt of Supreme court and High court Revenue loss’s in 1000 crore’s in direct form of Additional FAR fees  to center ,state government , M.C.D it self by not allowing Floor wise sanction building plan, , It is requesting to start floor wise sanction of building plan at all zone’s

Hon’ble L.G vide meeting Dt.26.11.2012  at Raj Niwas Hon’ble L.G has allowed floor wise plan sanction & Hon’ble Supreme court and Hon’ble High court ruling

Minitue of Meeting Circulated Dt.10/12/12 “ Long pending issues decided “
(ii) Floor wise sanction of building plans: It was decided that permission for construction of an additional floor may be granted by the respective Municipality/Zonal Offices ( As per the Size of the plot) Keeping with the provision of the Building Bye Laws, While doing so comments of the occupants of the existing floors should be called for and decided on merits . Furthermore, aspect such as structural stability , fire safety , non-obstruction of passage of air and sun shine  for the neighbors/neighboring building should be kept in view .
( Action Commissioners ,NDMC, SDMC &EMDC )
 structural desine has been adequately addressed by The Hon’ble High Court , Supreme court and Government of India As All the issue which were recorded in the Minute of Meeting Dt.26.11.2012 at Raj Niwas have already been decided and directed to allow floor wise building sanction
 1)Hon’Ble Delhi  High Court C.W.P.3535/2001, 2)Hon’ble Delhi High Court C.W.P 3280/2004,3) Hon’ble Delhi High Court L.P.A 2008/2005 , 4) Honle Chief Justice Of Delhi L.P.A 559/2003 ,5) High court W.P© 13172/2009 6)  W.P©8315/2009 Dt.03.12.2009  7)Supreme Court SLP CC.C no.5679/2006 ( There are Judgment after going into all aspects) 
Structural Design , Stability and Safety  Is the matter & Domain of structure engineer and the same has to be deicide on case to case basis not by a general blanket ban on it , this issue has also been  addressed By the Hon’ble High Court & Supreme court  Provision of Mater plan 2021 are 100% complied by floor wise sanction as in master plan 2021 The F.AR as well as Dwelling units has been increased and more over by Ruling of Hon’ble High court W.P©8315/2009 Dt.03.12.2009and ALSO High court W.P© 13172/2009   in 2009 l

SUB- MCD V.S USHA DEVI& Ors has  allowed floor wise plan  sanction as “ The Orders passed by the Hon’ble High court of Delhi in LPA No.2008/2005 titled as MCD Vs Usha devi Sharma . The Issue has already been settled upto the Supreme court level that in order to allow floor wise building plan , the signatures of the owners of the other portion of the property is not required . “ Ref Chief law officer M.C.D Dt.24/2/11 and Directed Engr In chief Mr.Ravi dass to reiterate the instructions as earlier issued  Circular whereby The Aforesaid proposition of law was settled
Law Officer M.C.D Dt.24.3.11 “In terms of our letter Dt.24.2.11 The Law Department (HQ) has communicated to Eng in chief the position of law settled by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India with respect to Floor wise sanction of building plan
It has been observed that even after  Order’s of The Hon’ble L.G Delhi who after going into all aspect directed the MCD’s , S.E at Townhall South and North , A.E Mr. Admadhi are manipulating with the said order’s of Hon’ble L.G Delhi , Supreme court of India and High Court Delhi in order to stop floor wise sanction of building plan,  for there vested interest , as such it is Causing Revenue Loss to The MCD , Delhi Govt and Center Goverement in Crore of Rs. In Direct Form of Additional FAR Fees ,
,BY Doing such act they are adding housing problem to there , as Terrace Owner who have balance F.A.R as notified by the Government of India and all other requirement are not able to get there building sanction
cognizance wes also taking by The Hon’ble Standing Committee Of MCD Dt.16/03/11 Vide Resolution No.859 “As per the new rules for additional FAR , A Good amount is charged . In Short it may fetch more then thousands crores as a new source of income o the Corporation . Also it will control unabated corruption ….”
It clearly shows a planned conspiracy with a few low level officer’s of MCD eng Depatement who doent want to work in the Intrest of Public but for there vested interest
Now it is requested issue Minute of the  Meeting At Raj Niwas Dt.26/11/12 for obeying and start sanctioning floor wise building plan on cases to case basis on teams decided at Raj Niwas Delhi  the said decision to all zone in which all Commissioner of respective of Municipalities were present ,In the interest of justice , public , revenue loss , Due Respect to Hon’ble Supreme court , High court ,L.G and Standing committees and not to come in any undue influence. Criminal Contempt of Court , Civil contempt , infringement of fundamental right , Constitution right , Adding housing problem to Delhi , facilitation unauthorized construction , Revenue losses of 100’s of crores , Sheer harassment to public , Planned extortion , Crime Under I.P.C 166,167,386,418 , 120 B